Samsung Gear VR with Controller

Out Of Stock Samsung Gear VR with Controller

Make your world bigger

Samsung Gear VR transforms virtual reality with a new handheld controller that seamlessly responds to organic, human movements in virtual experiences. Every move, from turning and grabbing to pointing and lifting, is naturally connected from physical to virtual, making it more intuitive and spellbinding than ever before. Flying through the Alps, watching a film with a far-off friend, experiencing a festival across the globe, and employing the superpowers of your game’s character – your world just got infinitely bigger.

Power moves

With a new Gear VR controller that’s right in the box, you can explore, game and navigate with organic movements. Drop, point, lift and move with total agility, and browse menus with more natural responsiveness. 

Game on

Jump straight into the action of your favorite game and start throwing, steering and aiming with the new incredibly responsive handheld controller. Fresh titles like A Night Sky and End Space, plus multi-player adventures are added all the time.
Endless entertainment

Explore thousands of exciting 360o experiences from Samsung VR’s premium video service. Lose yourself in street festivals around the world, snag front-row seats to a concert, or kayak through a protected rainforest. Plus, when you create stories of your own on Gear 360, you can upload and share them on Samsung VR.     

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