Otvo Tempered Glass 9H Screen Protector for Ninten...

Otvo Tempered Glass 9H Screen Protector for Nintendo Switch 9H

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Quantity : 1

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- 9H hardness: This screen protector is super strong and protects your Switch’s screen from damage

- HD Protection: The glass is up to 99% transparent, preserving the screens original HD clarity so you don’t miss a detail

- Scratch-Resistant: Premium tempered glass protects your screen from unwanted scratches by keys or other hard objects

- High-Touch Sensitivity: Due to the 0.3mm thickness of the screen protector, touchscreen sensitivity is completely unaffected

- Compatibility: Specifically designed for Nintendo Switch. The rounded edge clings close to the screen and prevents lifting or discomfort even with extended daily use


Quick guide:

- Take the included wipes and clean the screen of Nintendo

- Remove the foil from the screen protector

- Position the screen protector on the center of the screen

- Check if the screen protector is properly aligned

- Stick the protector on the screen

- It is not advisable to remove the screen protector after a while and then stick it on again. The sticking properties are then greatly reduced. If you have made a mistake, we recommend that you correct it immediately and very carefully. If the protector bends it can easily break

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