Persian Handmade Jewelry Box of Khatam MGH105

Persian Handmade Jewelry Box of Khatam MGH105

      "Khatam karee" is one of the antique old arts. Khatam karee is a version of marquetry where art forms are made by decorating the surface of wooden articles with delicate pieces of wood, bone and metal precisely-cut intricate geometric pattern.


  Designing of inlaid articles is a highly elaborate process. In each cubic centimeter of inlaid work, up to approximately 250 pieces of metal, bone, ivory and different kinds of wood are laid side by side, glued together in stages, smoothed, oiled and polished.

  This ornaments luxury Khatam box also can be used as jewelry box or chocolate box on the reception desk and this product has length (7cm) and width (14cm).

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