Persian Handmade Enamel Copper Plate MGH76 - Blue

Persian Handmade Enamel Copper Plate MGH76 - Blue

Minakari or Enameling is the art of painting, coloring and ornamenting the surface of metals. The art of Minakari is called miniature of fire as well as the decoration of metal and tile with mina glaze. Lobed rim enamelware with its light cyan, aqua and pale turquoise colors can take you from the middle of modern and colorless industrial world with skillful hands of an enameller (Minakari) to the middle of sky and its fantastic drawings lead a memorable tranquility.

Enamel products include Enamel on Copper Pedestal gift, Enamel on Copper design, Enameled Wall Hanging Plate and other products. Enamel works can be washed with lukewarm water, soap and even ordinary detergents.

All the products are comprised of a pattern of birds and animals on a floral background in light blue, green and red. The paintings or patterns used for enamel works are traditional designs depending on the taste and preferences and culture of the artist. In the version of enameling, copper and silver are the most dominant metals used. In the past, the enamel had been applied to tile, ceramic or glass, but nowadays copper is more often used because it is malleable and flexible. Different kinds of local symmetrical patterns are used in Minakari paintings, are ‘Eslimi’ and ‘Pardaz’ which are the well-known Islamic patterns.

Note: All Enamel products are handicraft



-         Type:  Plate

-         Style:  Asian/Oriental

-         Color: Blue

-         Material: copper

-         Diameter: 20 cm

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