imobo Portable Charger Station: The King of Power Station with 6 pcs of 5000 mAh Power Banks Batteries

imobo Portable Charger Station: The King of Power Station with 6 pcs of  5000 mAh Power Banks Batteries

We review quite a few portable power banks at GSMprice. Generally most portable charging solutions are rather boring, but they’re essential for many of us as our smartphones, tablets and other tech gear need power beyond the typical charge.

Have you ever been at the gym, a restaurant or at a coffee shop doing work/homework when you ran out of power? It’s happened to all of us and the worry of losing power is real in the age of the smartphone. imobo has named it ‘Low Battery Anxiety’; instead of offering us smartphones with two day battery life, we are still stuck with subpar battery performance on our devices.

The need for power on the go is only growing as we increasingly use our devices. Backup power is also becoming more of a necessity due to the power outages caused by weather, natural disasters, and other odd scenarios that are occurring much more frequently.

So here is a new generation of power bank station for Restaurant, coffee shops and home. Imobo power station battery with 6 pcs of 5000 mAh battery allows you to charge your phone twice. This power station comes with lighting and micro cables which allows you to charge all types of Apple and Andriod items like Samsung, HTC, Sony and other devices with the same connectors. Below is some general information and descriptions of imobo power station battery.


·         Desktop Charging Station for Multiple Charging

·         Imobo  5,000mAh Li Polymer power banks (include 6pcs)

·         Great for Multiple Power Bank Users at home, restaurant or office

·         Customer’s Service for Hotels, Clubs, Cafe, Restaurant & etc

·         Anti theft (Propriety Charging) and micro charging slot

·         Charging Port x 6

·         Up to 6 User

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