Shipping and payment methods

Shipping and payment methods

Delivery charges: 
GSMprice is allowing only Cash on delivery COD for all regions in the UAE. This amount is fix of 20 AED for items less than 5KG will take form customers at the time of delivery. Extra 2AED per KG will be effected to your shipment if its exceed 5KG.  

Return charges:
GSMprice will charged 20 AED sellers those have send wrong, mistake, broken items to buyers.
GSMprice will charged 20 AED customers those have purchased wrong, mistake and unwanted orders. 
GSMprice will charged of 40 AED for delivery and return shipments RTS.

Local Shipping:
Sellers will only receive orders locally.
In this shipping method for delivering products locally, sellers could use the service of a courier company in the reigns or personally deliver products.

Free Shipping:
Free shipping is an excellent method to take customers attraction about items. When sellers approving free shipping on a certain products then that product will ignore any shipping rates and will deliver customer free.


Damaged Items and customers mistake:

If customers send an item back and mistake is from his/her side, GSMprice will charge customer 20 AED. In this case, if sellers open a complaint against customer about returned items GSMprice will investigate the final desiccation.