Chillaxplus Paint Zoom Ultimate 01 HVLP Paint Sprayer in Blue

Chillaxplus Paint Zoom Ultimate 01 HVLP Paint Sprayer in Blue

Paint like a pro with the Paint Zoom paint sprayer and say goodbye to rollers, brushes and the mess of paint trays while getting the best coverage quickly and easily. Just pull the trigger and paint with your Paint Zoom paint sprayer! The Paint Zoom paint sprayer does the hard work for you painting in just minutes instead of the hours you'd need with a brush and roller with no drips or errors. Paint on any surface you want, both indoors and outdoors! With the Paint Zoom paint sprayer, you can paint flat walls, stucco, brick, paneling, ceilings, concrete, wood and much more. And always get the professional finish you want while using 50% less paint.


Box consists of:

1 Main unit, 1 Cleaning Tip, 1 Paint Container, 1 Spray Gun, 1 Viscosity Measuring Cup, 1 Carrying Strap, 1 Tube




Brand: Chillaxplus

Model Number: 01

Type: HVLP Sprayer

Reservoir Capacity: 0.8 L

Number of Spray Settings: 3

Flow rate: 2.5 L/Min

Maximum pressure: 3000 N/m

Spray tip: horizontal

Weight: 1/5 Kg

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