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M Micallef
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M Micallef Denis Durand Couture EDP 50ML

Through Martine Micallef and Denis Durand close friendship and artistic cooperation, a glamorous, m..

830.00 AED

M. Micallef Art Collection Rouge No. 2 100ML

Rouge n°2 mixes the refinement of a bunch of jasmine, violets, and orchids to oriental scents of am..

1,100.00 AED

M. Micallef Royal Muska 100ML

This is the fragrance of tanned skin, of hot days and sultry nights, the heavenly aroma of passiona..

1,132.20 AED

Micallef MP2 75ML

A designed multifunctional bottle, where the extra feminen design accommodate a small bottle cap, f..

720.00 AED