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Hape ABC Magnetic Letters (E1047)

A Great gift for your little explorer! Now with Hape’s ABC Magnetic Letters, learning, recognizing..

52.00 AED

Hape ABC Matching Puzzle [E1501]

The ABC's will fall into place with picture clues to reinforce letter sounds. Sing the Alphabet son..

45.00 AED

Hape Alphabet Abacus Wooden Educational Toy [E1002]

This double-sided abacus gives the ABC's a playful twist with letters as well as pictures. Have you..

73.00 AED

Hape Anywhere Art Studio Double Sided Easel [E1009]

Draw anything, anywhere, anytime! This tabletop art studio keeps artists busy with a magnetic whit..

113.00 AED

Hape Baby Highchair Wooden Doll Play Furniture

This mini highchair encourages dolls to sit up straight and eat their food. Buy this beautifully co..

324.00 AED

Hape Baby Stroller Wooden Doll Furniture [E3603]

This classic stroller has been created to inspire imaginative play, learning and exploration of the..

169.00 AED

Hape Bamboo E-Copter

Imaginations soar when this helicopter heads for the clouds. The e-copter takes to the skies in sty..

61.00 AED

Hape Basic Builder Set [E3080]

Now with this new set from Hape, the little ones are able to pound and build their imagination into..

85.00 AED

Hape Beauty Belongings Wooden Toy Beauty Set (E3014)

Your little girl can be more beautiful than ever! This cosmetic set from Hape Toys by its beautiful..

72.50 AED

Hape Beetle Walker Push and Pull Toy [E0380] - Red

Now your child can have a car of their own! Whether learning to walk or simply pushing their favori..

149.00 AED

Hape Beetle Walker Push and Pull Toy [E0382] - Blue

Now your child can have a car of their own! Whether learning to walk or simply pushing their favori..

149.00 AED

Hape Block and Roll Wooden Walker Push and Pull Toy

Fill, build, dump, carry, push, pull, and play. How many more ways can your child use this do-every..

170.00 AED

Hape Checkout Register Wooden Cash Register Toy [E3121]

Cash or credit? Introduce the little ones in your life to the wonder of currency exchange, with thi..

98.00 AED

Hape Chef's Apron Set Pretend and Play Set [E3119]

What great future chef doesn't need their own apron, chef's hat and oven mitt?  The stage wil..

49.00 AED

Hape Chef’s Choice Wooden Set Toy

Bread, cheese, vegetables, and imagination. What more do you need? Cook up something special with t..

74.00 AED

Hape Coffee Maker Kitchen Play Set [E3106]

 Perk up imaginary play with this single-serve coffee maker. Do you take milk or sugar? Childr..

73.00 AED

Hape Cook 'N Serve Kitchen Wooden Play Kitchen [E3126]

This small-space wooden kitchen adds more fun with a pull-out counter and extra shelf. Ask your chi..

419.00 AED

Hape Country Critters Play Cube Activity Center [E1810]

Mazes, shapes, levers, and lots of flying, swimming, and croaking creatures turn this colorful, fiv..

0.00 AED

Hape Crabby Mosaic Kit Art Toy Kit [E5113]

Place the colorful wooden adhesive circles (in a variety of sizes) on to the patterned base to form..

45.00 AED

Hape Crane Lift Wooden Construction Set

Future builder puts their imagination into play when erecting a construction site with this crane s..

144.00 AED

Hape e-Drifter Bamboo Car Toy [E5516]

Complete control and an active imagination fuel this signature drifter. Sharpen observation skills ..

59.00 AED

Hape Early Explorer Wonder Bike E1050 - Grey/Beige

Give your child the confidence they need to ride a bike by practicing their balance and skip th..

357.00 AED

Hape Eggspressions Game of Feelings Educational Toy [E0424]

As the little ones grow and develop so do their expressions. This brilliant educational wooden Eggp..

73.00 AED

Hape Elephant Wooden Push and Pull Toy

Hape's Elephant push & pull is a fun long-nosed friend to play with around the house. This push..

40.00 AED

Hape Find and Count Colors Educational Toy [E6301]

Explore the game board, count the colors, collect beads and compare results. Children will love thi..

49.00 AED

Hape Fresh Fruit Wooden Set Toy

An apple a day is just one way to play. Interact with the pieces and prepare delightful meals with ..

61.00 AED

Hape Garden Vegetables Wooden Set Toy

Cut and serve veggies to make every meal healthier. Interact with the pieces and prepare delightful..

61.00 AED

Hape Geometric Shapes Knob Puzzle Wooden Educational Toy [E6320]

In this amazing and colorful product, 10 geometric shapes are represented with knobs for easy manip..

74.00 AED

Hape Gourmet Grill BBQ Play Set (with Food and Accessories) [E3127]

Kitchens, Kitchens, Kitchens! But do you remember the fun you had at BBQ's growing up? It is time f..

399.00 AED

Hape Gourmet Kitchen Play Kitchen [E3100] - White

This all-in-one kitchen inspires mini chefs to cook everywhere and everything! The little chefs can..

357.00 AED

Hape Gourmet Kitchen Play Kitchen [E3101] - Green

This all-in-one kitchen inspires mini chefs to cook everywhere and everything! The little chefs can ..

357.00 AED

Hape Gourmet Kitchen Starter Set [E3103]

Beautiful, Exciting, Role Play! The three words that perfectly describe this fantastic gourmet kitc..

123.00 AED

Hape Hamburgers & Hotdogs Food Play Set [E3112]

Serve hamburgers and hotdogs for a quick meal or backyard BBQ, just don't forget the mustard and to..

73.00 AED

Hape Happy Clown Rattle Toy

Embellish babies the day with this colorful wooden rattle that has been specially designed for ..

32.00 AED

Hape Happy Family Toy Set - African American

Every dollhouse needs a happy family to make it a home. Grandpa, grandma, mom, dad, sister, and bro..

60.00 AED

Hape Happy Grand Piano – Black

Budding concert pianists will easily scale the 30 keys of this colorful wood grand piano, made for ..

458.00 AED