Buff Ultimate Shock Absorption Crystal Clear Screen Protector for Samsung P5200

Buff Ultimate Shock Absorption crystal clear screen protector has Special layers which protect your device by absorbing the impacts from accidental hits or droppings. For your Samsung P5200, buff screen protector can reduce the risk of slipping off your hands by providing non-slippery skin texture. Today GSMprice is providing genuine Buff anti-shock protector. Below is some of specification which this protector can provide for your device.


- Scratch resistant layer

- Shock absorptive cushioning layer

- Bubble releasing adhesive technology

- Repositionable silicon adhesive layer

- Benefiting from advanced stretch resistance technology OCA

- Smooth to use with fingers

- Pretty easy to clean

- Easy to apply

- Crystal clear screen protector

Buff screen protectors worth getting if you are one of those individuals caring much about their mobile phones protection.

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  • Brand: Buff
  • Product Code: Samsung P5200
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  • 45.00 AED

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